Exclusive diving tours in Sorrento

Come discover the beauty of the underwater world along the Sorrento Coast. Nothing compares to it!

These areas feature numerous caves, ravines and hollows where the sunlight reveals wonderful shades of blue and green, alongside yellow sponges and white gorgonians. You will be able to spot large schools of fish moving about in search of food, and with any luck you may see some sea turtles.

You can have this experience even if you are not scuba certified, in this case the dive is limited to a maximum depth of 5 meters and you will be accompanied by an experienced instructor throughout the duration of the dive.

Program of the experience: Diving in Sorrento

Upon arriving at the Diving, our staff will provide you with the necessary equipment and prepare you for the tour-dive. In a few minutes of navigation you will reach the dive site ready for the first dip. Our staff will choose the most suitable dive based on the weather conditions and sea currents at the time.

This package includes full equipment, a professional skipper, and a PADI instructor on board. It is important to note that the participation in the dive is allowed to anyone who is at least 10 years old, able to swim and in good health. It is recommended not to eat too much before the tour to avoid health problems

Discovery scuba diving

No experience needed. Learn the basics to dive with  PADI instructors. Experience diving in the blue sea of Sorrento and Amalfi Coast. Cost from 100€ 

Diving for experts

Only for people with Scuba Certification. Enjoy two dives guided by  excellent licensed instructors along the spectacular Sorrento and Amalfi coast.  Cost from 90€ 

Snorkeling in Sorrento

If you don't want to wear scuba tanks you can have an equally exciting experience with our guided snorkeling. You will be able to enjoy the seabed and marine fauna of Punta Campanella Marine Park. A marine biologist will accompany you into the waters and explain many interesting facts about the flora and fauna that characterizes the coast of Sorrento and Capri.

Even in the case of guided snorkeling, the equipment is provided by the diving center. All you have to do is put on your mask and dive with us! 

No experience needed. Discover the spectacular Sorrento and  Amalfi coast snorkeling in some of the most beautiful bay in the Punta  Campanella Marine Reserve. Cost from 60€ 

Please note:

Discovery Scuba Diving, Diving and Snorkeling tours are not suitable for people who cannot swim or for those suffering from heart problems. We recommend to be prepared with swimsuit, sunscreen and a bottle of water.


Price: from 60€ to 200€ per person

Difficulty: from beginner to expert

More details

✓ PADI professional instructor

✓ Diving/snorkeling equipment

✓ Boat tour

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Pictures from the Diving & Snorkeling tours in Sorrrento

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